Captivating Child Bible Lessons for Beginners

child bible lessons

These child bible lessons are targeted for young children:preschool to approximately 7 years of age. However, a bible study can vary depending on the child's biblical background and emotional level. Bible lessons for beginners are characterized by children who are starting to learn reasoning and can understand cause and effect. They are also learning to make broad generalizations about things and enjoy repetition as long as

you respect their limited attention span. These free bible lessons for young children emphasize learning through games and activities captivating lessons and stories and praise and worship since children love to sing and worship God.

As a parent or educator, I encourage you to develop a Christ centered mindset with any subject you are discussing with your child. Remember that actions speak louder than words and kids learn more from watching how you handle situations than your teachings. Begin incorporating the child bible lessons for young children on this site into your family/devotional time. Share with a child your testimonial on how God's word and promises have impacted your life. Explain to your child how much you and God love him/her as well as God's desire to have a personal relationship with him/her. The bible study lessons on this site will start the ball rolling for you to begin a discussion with your children. Most of all, take the time each day to validate your child's worth and value in God's eyes, emphasizing the amazing plans and purposes he has laid out for each of us. Read them the children's bible daily and make praise and worship a part of your lifestyle. If you include these bible lessons along with your own devotional time you will have a young child hungry for God!

If you are in search of great curriculum for children check out this link. Child Bible Lessons curriculum choices Click on the links below to jump to any of the free beginner child bible lessons.

Bug Off|Righteousness in Christ|Are You a Mistake or Masterpiece|

God overcomes Fear|Gods Promises|Fruits of the Spirit

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