Fun Child Bible Games and a Sunday School Activity for Kids

Child Bible games or a Sunday School activity incorporated into lessons are a big part of getting children to retain and apply scripture in their life. Children are more prone to learn and retain the information if it is presented as a game or activity. Here are some 'homemade' children's games and an accompanying activity that are perfect for church or home use.

Below is a site with a tremendous selection of Christian games and Sunday school activities for both kids and adults:

Multi-age Child Bible Games and Software

Child Bible Games and a Sunday School Activity for little ones

Version of guessing board game: Start giving the kids clues about a specific bible story. Such as pairs,family,animals etc. Begin with difficult clues and start getting easier as you progress. The first child who guesses the character or story (Noah's ark) wins. Start over with a new game. You could even vary it and hold up pre-made pictures or draw pictures of the clues you are giving.

David and Goliath child bible game: Make a realistic life size paper cutout of Goliath and hang it from the ceiling with a lightweight collapsible string. Have the children explain to you why David defeated Goliath. Then have the children line up and give the child a slingshot or even just a large rubber band to shoot at Goliath until they knock him over. Each time Goliath is knocked over have them cheer and praise God. Make sure to emphasize to the children that we can be small but if we come in the name of the Lord God, we can defeat any enemy. Read 1 Samuel 17:33-51

ABC's Child Bible Game: Write out the ABC's on a piece of paper or make each letter on a separate flashcard(time permitting). Starting with A and continuing through the alphabet- have the kids think of a characteristic of God. For example A could be almighty or awesome! Be flexible and give encouragement for each word given. If they cannot come up with one help out by providing one yourself.

Praising God child bible game: Pair small children up together and have each pair think of reasons why they love and praise God. When a pair has come up with a reason let them jump up and down singing their praise(and or cheer,clap out loud) for 10 seconds. Each time they come up with another reason they get to display their "praises" to God. Encourage multiple reasons so the child can jump longer. (Not recommended for a quiet environment!!)

Child Bible Games and a Sunday School Activity for Intermediate ages

Fruit of Spirit game(musical chairs with a twist): You need a soft squishy foam piece of fruit or a stuffed piece of fruit. After rehearsing what the fruits of the spirit are until the children know them, have each child sit in a circle and start passing the toy fruit around while music is playing in the background. Randomly turn the music off while one child is still holding the fruit. Whoever is holding the 'fruit' must name one of the fruits of the spirit. If he can't then he has to squeeze the fruit and will not get a point. Continue the game the same way, giving each child a point if they can name one of the fruits of the spirit. Encourage children to say different fruits. To make it more of a challenge, require that they not say the same fruit twice in a game.

Group activity-Growing their Faith in God Describe to the children different circumstances kids encounter on a daily or monthly basis. After reading a situation, ask the children if it is something that they would pray and ask God about or if it is something they should go to their parents about or both. You can use preprinted cards and put them on a bulletin board under the God or parents or both columns. Then discuss why it goes under that column and require they give you reasons why.

Bible Games and Sunday School Activity for Teenagers

Topical Bible Study challenge Getting teens to read the bible on command can be tough. So challenge them a little and make a game out of reading the bible. Do a topical bible study that is timed and make it a race. An example would be to write the word on top of a paper such as SPECK. Underneath each letter finish spelling out the words they are looking for. For 'S' write sin representing a sin underneath it, for 'P' write out promise underneath it for God's promises. For 'E' write example to be followed and for 'C' a command to be obeyed. Finally 'K' represents knowledge. Start the kids at a book in the Bible and tell them they have 30-60 minutes(you decide) to go through the book and pick out as many examples of the words as possible. Whoever finds the most in each category wins. A helpful hint for Promises of God is they usually start with "If you do this...then this". A discussion following the game would boost retention. Pretty soon they've conquered a chapter and also had a bible study under the guise of a game.

Here is an great scripture memorization game(Memory Cross)

Memory Cross Site

Still looking for more games that you can share with your children. The site below has a variety of low priced Christian games.

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