Sometimes I find material for Christian parents and their children that is really helpful. Here are some links to some great Christian websites that are highly recommended:

This site provides actual Geo-historical satellite maps of the Holyland of the bible. Holyland Maps This is a great site for bible curriculum, books and educational resources. If you have considered homeschooling or bring more religious education into your child's life they have excellent resources for helping you decide what works for you. Also a great return policy if you find their product is not to your liking. Great choices of curriculum for your Sunday school class or children's ministry. Children's ministry curriculum choices If you've ever wanted an easy step by step tutorial on how to play praise and worship music on either the guitar or piano these two sites are great! Both have free initial lessons. They come highly recommended. Learn to play praise and worship music on the guitar from home

Learn to Play Piano at Home

Looking for Christian games, Software, Musical Kits, DVD's, Videos and other great Christian teaching materials for kids. This site has tons of good material and about the best selection of Christian based games I've found. Christian Kids Videos, DVD, Games and Software Christian Family Entertainment If you've ever wondered about homeschooling or already do and want some tips from a pro, this is an informative site. (homeschooling) Looking for a site with bible lessons for adults instead of kids? (adult bible lessons) A great site for pastor's who are looking for interesting topics for children's sermons. An informative Christian resource for women and the topics they are interested in. She Loves God This site helps lead Christians into an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit Led Christian Two great resources for Christian crafts and skits. Christian Crafters DLTK Kids crafts This is a site with tons of creative and neat youth group ideas. Egad This is an e-book for church leaders that provides invaluable information on growing your church. For more info click on the link. Grow Your Church! Great site that provides downloadable scriptures with an image that helps kids remember the verse. Angel Verses This site offers scripts of Christian Drama, plays, and skits. It is a great resource for finding a special script for your next Sunday school holiday production. Scripts by Warren In need of prayer? The link below connects you to a site which provides an opportunity to request prayer from thousands of other believers.

Christian Prayer Center