When We Stand Up for God We Don't Have To Fear Because He Will Stand Up For Us

This short story teaches on standing up for God without fear and is about a child (Kendall) and his dog companion Barnabus. Barnabus is a dog who is fairly well versed in scripture. This may help small children who are going specific fears to draw close to God. This child bible lesson reveals the emotions of a child in a safe setting and may allow children to speak about their own fears. It also shows kids we can stand up for God knowing he will protect us. A great idea is to use a dog and boy puppet to act out this story while telling it!!

Kendall: I am so embarrassed Barnabus. I got locked into the bathroom at school yesterday and the kids that did it turned out all the lights. I've never cried in front of other kids before but I cried because I was so scared. I hate being in the dark Barnabus, especially in a unfamiliar place, and those kids locked me in a dark bathroom for an hour.

Barnabus: Oh Kendall, that does sound scary. I wish I could have been there with you. But even though I wasn't there with you, Jesus was. Why did those kids lock you in the bathroom anyway?

Kendall: They did it because I wouldn't go along with them and steal another kid's backpack. They said I was just a big scared baby and they would show everyone how scared I was by locking me in the dark bathroom. I guess they showed everyone, and now I am so embarrassed to go back to school because the other kids saw me crying.

Barnabus: I don't think your a baby at all Kendall. It sounds to me like you were pretty brave sticking up to those kids even though you knew you would get made fun of. You stuck up for what was right, while standing up for God and I think the other kids will respect you for that. Kendall, that reminds me of a true story of three guys who also wouldn't go along with the crowd and stood up for their beliefs.

Kendall: Really? Who were they and did they get locked into a dark bathroom too?

Barnabus: No, they didn't get locked into a bathroom but they did have to face fear by standing up for their beliefs. Their names were Shadrach, Meschach, and Abedengo. They were told to worship a God other than our own true God and when they refused, the king ordered them forced into a hot furnace turned up 7 times hotter than normal.

Kendall: So did they do it, did they get into the hot furnace?

Barnabus: Yes, they went into the furnace and the guards saw something unbelievable.

Kendall: What was it?

Barnabus: Well they saw four men come out of the furnace alive and well, not three. Do you know who the fourth man was? It was an angel sent by Jesus. Those three men, Shadrach, Meschach and Abendego, came out of the furnace as if nothing had happened and they didn't even smell like smoke!

Kendall: I don't understand, what happened in the furnace.

Barnabus: Well Kendall, when we stand up for Jesus, God stands up for us. An angel was sent in the furnace with them protecting them from being burnt. Just like when you told those boys you weren't going to go along with their idea, you were making a right choice for God. And since God has told us he would never leave or forsake us, just like Shadrach, Meschach and Abendengo, you were not alone in that dark bathroom. Jesus was with you. Any time we feel scared or alone all we have to do is cry out to Jesus and he will comfort and protect us.

Father, Sometimes we fear things like the dark or other people who may be mean to us, but we know we have a protector in you. Thank you for showing us that standing up for God means that you are our protector. In Jesus name, Amen

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