Creation or Evolution - Does it matter to our salvation?

Public schools teach evolution as if it were an undisputed fact and creation theories are mocked as pie in the sky fables. As if that weren't bad enough, the majority of churches have allowed the authority of the Word of God to be undermined by supporting the "millions of years" evolutionary ideas. This compromise has wreaked major havoc on the foundational basis of our culture by replacing the infallible Word of God as our absolute authority with man's fallible opinions.

As the United States slips further into a pit of sin and questioning of absolutes, many ask if we can turn our culture back to its Christian foundation solely by teaching salvation and repentance to the masses. Founder of Answers In Genesis, Ken Ham believes that is not possible. The problems facing our nation are merely symptoms of a disease that has weakened our nation from the foundation up- by allowing the science of evolution to invade our churches and schools it has spread to the entire culture. Therefore creationism science has been almost entirely wiped out from history for a generation. A foundational culture change has very slowly crept into the Western nations which has undermined the Creation/Genesis record from our basis of understanding, replacing it with an evolution foundation. But how would this make a difference for evangelists? Don't they they speak on salvation and repentance, not on man evolving from apes or the disappearance of dinosaurs?

Ham believes that generations ago our Western culture was grounded in prayer, bible readings and God's law which were foundational aspects of public education. When the salvation message was presented from this perspective, it was being sown on plowed and prepared ground and was able to take root more effectively. However, today evangelists are faced with a culture that has little to no creation foundation. Therefore preachers speak of sin and repentance to a crowd which falls on deaf ears because the hearers cannot find relevance in a culture which evolved from apes and has existed for millions of years. Because if there were no literal Adam who sinned, then what do we need a Savior for or need to repent of?

Unfortunately, the church is trying to solve this problem by becoming more like the world in an attempt to reach out to sinners. The church has not trained its saints to defend the Genesis record in the Bible against evolutionary humanism. The church has instead been influenced by it and allowed for strange theories to explain how the six days of creation could perhaps be construed as 'millions of years' to appease the humanists. Our culture no longer views the Bible as the absolute authority and because evolutionary beliefs have crept into the church as well, Christian leaders no longer have a basis in defining social ills because the Bible is thought to be fallible. We have allowed man's beliefs to judge scripture which is a very scary thing. Because our culture believes the Bible cannot be trusted and is easily disputed, we are dealing with evangelizing a generation that has no foundation in Creationism and is attempting to teach on sin to people who believe their ancestors were apes instead of Adam. No wonder they cannot understand why Jesus is referred to as 'the last Adam'.

We need to reestablish the creationism foundation before these people can understand the enormity of the decision that awaits them. Regardless of how intimidating this may seem, we do have One on our side that is greater that he that is in the world. Ham explains we are coming at the enemy "in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied"(1 Samuel 17:45). Therefore we don't have to wring our hands worrying, but continue praying for revelation and educate ourselves by finding out how Creationism is scientifically accurate so we can spread the word.

Below are a couple of books written by Ken Ham which document the scientific basis of the Creation theory and Creation evangelism.

"Why Won't They Listen"

The Answers Book- Creation Vs. Evolution

Creation or Evolution; Does it Really Matter What you Believe?