Is our Christian nation still grounded with roots in God?

The roots of our Christian nation are being explored as we celebrate the 233rd birthday of the United States. Do you enjoy birthdays? They are a day when we honor a persons life or in this case honor the birth of our nation. However some are questioning the roots of our nation and asking if we are still grounded in these beliefs.

Some interesting facts about the United States:

*Our nation is one of the few stable countries in the world using the same constitution that was originally drawn up by our founding fathers.

*Other nations have commented about the exceptionalism of the United States, since the U.S. has kept the same government and prospered under it. But what has caused our nation to excel in spite of wars, conflicts and a changing culture? Psalm 75:6,7 helps to explain this phenomenon to us. It reminds us that everything we have is from the Lord. Governments, leaders or the economy aren't what keep us in an elevated position. It's only through the one true God that we can be lifted up or put down. One of the easiest ways for our nation to be lifted higher is when we are humble and give God the glory for our abundance. Even if you are not feeling particularly rich or blessed rich now, we all still have many things to be thankful for. Unfortunately, often times man becomes hungry for power and pride sets into his heart. This shuts down our ability to receive blessings from the Lord. Today we celebrate Independence Day on the fourth of July with fireworks, backyard BBQ's and displaying our flag. However those who lived in the past would celebrate a bit differently. They would break bread together and give the Lord thanks for the blessings bestowed upon our nation.

My prayer not only on our 233rd birthday but throughout the year is that we as a Christian nation return thanks to God for all the bountiful blessings we have had for 233 years. Also, that we pray for God's continuing favor and His place in our nation as Supreme Ruler and Authority. If we wish to return to a nation that celebrates it's Christian roots, we also need to pray a prayer of thanksgiving that we are still able to worship our Lord and Savior without fear of persecution and that our freedom, which our founding fathers fought for, remains. We should all lift up our government officials and president in prayer daily.