Where did Jesus' body go?

After Jesus was wrapped in linen and prepared for burial, his body laid in a tomb that was cut from a rock. His followers were very sad that their close friend and master was gone. They were afraid now that their leader was dead and also ashamed that they ran away when he was arrested. Mary Magdalene was sad and cried alone for her Lord who was gone. She waited until Sunday morning's light to go to the tomb and be near Jesus again(even though she knew he was gone). As she reached the tomb, she noticed the heavy rock that was blocking the entrance had been moved away from the opening. She saw no one around and wondered who could have moved the huge, heavy stone. She looked in and noticed Jesus was gone so she ran and told the disciples. Peter and John came right away and noticed the linen shroud and head cloth that had been wrapped around His body just laying empty on the stone. Peter and John then returned to the city but Mary stayed in the garden crying because of the scene she discovered in the tomb.

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Mary walked to the tomb to look again and found two angels sitting on the rock that Jesus body had laid on. Mary was so upset that she just didn't notice the two beings were angels. The angels asked her "Why are you crying?" She answered "Because they have taken my Lord, and I don't know were they have put him." Again as Mary's cries grew harder, the figure asked "Why are you crying?" Mary answered in between sobs, "Oh sir, you must be the gardener here. If you have taken the body please tell me where you put it." Then she heard the voice of Jesus say "Mary". She couldn't even believe she was standing face to face with Jesus again! How could she forget that loving face and voice, the one that had comforted her before. He told her to go and tell the disciples that she has seen him(Jesus) and he was on his way to his father-and our father- in heaven. So Mary immediately told the disciples what she saw. A resurrection had occured. Jesus had been raised from the dead!

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Emmaus Walk

In the late afternoon two of Jesus' followers were walking on the road from Jerusalem to the little town of Emmaus. Emmaus was a village near Jerusalem. They were discussing the terrible events that led to the crucifixion of Jesus. The men just couldn't believe someone as great as Jesus could have suffered and died like a criminal. As they wept, walked and talked about Jesus a stranger joined them on the road. They were so wrapped up in their conversation they hardly looked at him. He asked "What are you two talking about?" One man answered "The terrible things that happened in Jerusalem." Then Jesus asked "What things?" The men could hardly believe he didn't know the events and said "Are you the only visitor who does not know what happened in the city this week, why it was the death of Jesus from Nazareth!" They went on explaining that Jesus was supposed to be the Messiah and after he was killed there was no hope left. The stranger shook his head and told them they were very foolish. He asked them why they didn't know the scriptures which stated that the Messiah had to die. As he continued talking, the men felt as if they knew him from somewhere before. The stranger explained the scriptures and how the Messiah had to give up his life for the whole world. As they arrived in Emmaus they asked the man to eat with them. The stranger took bread, blessed and broke it and they realized the man who they had been walking with was Jesus!

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