We can be a mistake and masterpiece at the same time!

This short story describes the birth of an unplanned child who believes she is a mistake but is convinced through God's love she is a masterpiece. It is about(Lindsey) and her dog companion Barnabus. Barnabus is a dog who is fairly well versed in scripture. This may help small children going through issues of insecurity who may be questioning their purpose in the world to draw close to God. This child bible lesson reveals the emotions of a child in a safe setting and may allow children to speak about their own insecurities and how they can draw on strength from God since he makes no mistakes in his creations.

Lindsey: Barnabus, I need to talk to you. Last night I overheard my mom talking to my dad. Well they weren't talking, they were actually arguing.

Barnabus: Sometimes parents argue Lindsey. It's a normal part of life.

Lindsey: Well, that's not what bothered me. Barnabus I found out that I was an accident. My mom and dad didn't want any kids when they had me and I don't think they wanted me.

Barnabus: Oh Lindsey, I'm so sorry that you feel that way. I'm sure your parents are grateful to God for you. Sometimes adults make mistakes just like we do. They don't see you as a mistake-your parents love you very much.

Lindsey: Yes, but I feel like everything in my life is different now knowing I wasn't supposed to be here. If my birth was a mistake, then maybe my whole life was a mistake!

Barnabus: Lindsey, even if your parents said you were not planned-God planned you. On purpose, he planned every part of your birth and your entire life. In fact he even knew ahead of time that one day you would find out your birth was unplanned. God loves you very much and no matter what the circumstances are, he approved of you before you were born and has a perfect plan for your life. You can't let this little setback interfere with his plan for your life.

Lindsey: Well how do you know he has a perfect plan for my life?

Barnabus: Because Lindsey he said so, in the bible, Jeremiah 29:11 speaks Gods words to us. It says, "For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you,says the Lord, thoughts and plans to prosper you and give you hope". You see Lindsey, God is no respecter of persons which means he wants to bless everyone regardless of who they are or whether their birth was planned or unplanned by their parents. You were planned by God. You just keep meditating on Jeremiah 29:11 until you know in your heart that God wanted you very much and has an awesome plan for your life that only you can fulfill.

Lindsey: Thanks Barnabus, I feel much better now that I know just how much God loves me and the unique plans and purposes he wants me to fulfill in my life.

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