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Are you searching for original childrens bible lessons that stimulate a kid's mind? These free object lessons for children are engaging for kids and adults alike! Most kids have heard the story of Noah's Ark or Jonah and the Whale so many times they become second nature and no longer hold the awe and wonder of God. Dive into engaging lessons such as why God is known to his people by different names at different times. Or find out just what caused Gideon to be so brave. Check out the free lessons on the tabs to your left. Or find out the best methods and most engaging questions to ask when teaching kids bible lessons by clicking the link below.

Questions that Engage Childrens Bible Lessons

The free bible lessons for children below are intended for parents, teachers or anyone else wishing to provide children with a sampling of God's love. Please feel free to print or use these lessons for your class or children as long as the copyright remains at the bottom of the page.

Abraham's Promise

Ministering to the Presence of God

The Hebrew Names of God

Here is some other great resources which contain bible lessons for children.

Bible Studies for Kids

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