A Solid Kids Bible Study Reinforces the Topic

Are you looking for a kids bible study that is interesting, compelling as well as reinforces the topic learned? Choosing a lesson that is timely and interesting to children is a big plus but how do you cement a bible study for children into young kids heads and hearts?

Bible Study for Kids

Children love to hear stories that relate to scripture in the bible. Incorporating a children's story into the bible study will help them remember scripture and the topic you have studied because it attracts their attention and interest. Another addition which makes a good bible study for kids GREAT is to find games or activities which reinforce the information learned as well as quiz them on it. Older children typically enjoy crossword puzzles, word searches as well as other activities. Smaller children enjoy a coloring page. The benefits of a coloring page it is helps them to retain the story or study they've just heard visually. Here are some great animated bible studies for small children.

Animated Kids Bible Study

I've found a site which regularly changes it's bible study material. If you are a church with a low budget for your children's ministry this may be just what you are looking for since all the material is free. The link is noted below.

Site that contains additional bible studies