We Have Authority over Satan and Can Tell Him to Bug Off

When a bee is flying around you do you tell him to bug off or do you fear him? Would you like to know how to have authority over Satan, who is just like an angry bee that can sting you? After many people get stung, they are afraid every time they hear or see a bee flying around them.

In this world we have an enemy who is just like a bee. He flies around everyone but only those people who fear him panic. Instead of calmly taking steps to get rid of the bee they jump up and down swatting madly in the air at it. This just makes that old bee madder and it stings them. But the people who have taken the time to find out what they can do to avoid bee stings usually do much better and rarely get stung. They are calm and they don't panic or wildly swat at the bee. They slowly move away from the bee and focus on something else. Some people even know what to do if they are being attacked by a swarm of bees. They know to jump into a body of water because bees can't fly if their wings are wet. What does this have to do with the enemy(Satan)in the world? I'm glad you asked.

You see the bee can be compared to our enemy:Satan. Like the bee, Satan is constantly flying around pestering some people and just downright terrorizing others. The people who know God's word can tell Satan to bug off when he attacks them and focus their attention on God. Those who do not know God's promises are like the people who wildly swat at the bee hoping to get rid of him but making the bee even madder. Since they don't know what angers the bee they usually aggravate him and end up getting stung. Those who don't know that God has given them authority over Satan, the enemy,also don't know what they should do or say to get him bug off and leave them alone. Most of them fear him.

When we understand God's word, Satan is like a bee because he is small and harmless. If you aren't afraid of him you realize you have the ability to squish him. But to those who don't know Gods' word, he can be very dangerous if you aren't expecting him. Satan can sneak up on you and sting you if you aren't prepared or aware of how he works. When we learn God's word from the bible, we are prepared for that pesky Satan and we know how to get him to bug off. Psalm 119:104 says "I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every false way". That tells us that when we understand God's word, we know that we have power against Satan's lies. Psalm 119:105 says "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". That tells us that if we learn God's word it will light the way for us and keep us out of darkness or fear which is Satan's territory and can be very scary.

What are some of the things we can say to Satan to get him to bug off? I'm glad you asked because I'd love to tell you! First we have to understand that through Jesus we have power. Anytime we call on the name of Jesus we have the authority over Satan and can tell him to get lost! Jesus also got 'bugged' by Satan and Jesus told him "Begone Satan!, For it is has been written you shall worship the Lord your God, and him alone you shall serve"(Matthew 4:10) Or "Get behind me Satan, you are in my way!"(Matthew 16:23) You see when Jesus died on the cross for our sins he covered our sins with his blood and allowed us to have his authority if we speak his name. So when you get really scared, or get bad feelings about someone else then you can think of that pesky bee and say "In the name of Jesus, bug off Satan, because I'm a child of God". And you know what? Satan has to leave right away because he knows God has spoken. That's some pretty powerful stuff isn't it? And guess what? Everyone has the authority to tell him to get lost if they call on the name of Jesus. Not just the grown ups or pastors-EVERYONE-including you and me. God doesn't want us to be scared, worried, angry or fear other people. God wants us to know that we don't have to feel that way. We can use Jesus' name and get rid of these feelings that Satan tries to get us to feel.

God Loves you so very much and doesn't want you to be scared or hurting inside. He has given us the instructions to use to have authority over Satan. But it's up to us to use them. We can follow God's instructions for getting rid of the pesky 'bee' or we can allow the 'bee' to keep bothering us and even sting us. Will you choose to tell Satan to bug off and keep your eyes on God or will you fear him?

Verses to know: Matthew 16:23 Matthew 4:10 1 Peter 5:8-10 James 4:7

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