The Dangers of Desiring Worldly Influences

King Solomon is a biblical figure who allowed worldly influences to bring a deep shadow of destruction over Israel. Although he was a faithful servant of God early in his life, he became addicted to worldly influences which later led to his downfall. Solomon was the son of David. Before King David died, he appointed Solomon King. David instructed Solomon to follow all of God's commandments so his family could occupy the throne as long as the house of David served him faithfully. Solomon was offered anything he wanted from God and Solomon chose wisdom which means he was very intelligent. God was so pleased with Solomon for choosing wisdom over riches or victory over his enemies that he blessed Solomon with a double portion of wisdom. God also decided that he would bless Solomon with glory, riches and respect due to Solomons decision to choose wisdom over these worldly resources. Solomon proved himself as a very wise and faithful king. He built a temple for God's glory which held the ark of God's covenant and a room called the holy of holies which was filled with the glory of God.

But Solomon later made a decision not to follow God faithfully like his father David had. Solomon gathered a harem of 1000 women in his palace. He listened to these women and they had a big influence over him. Many of these women were princesses from foreign lands and they brought with them their idols. Solomon listened to his emotions instead of God and allowed the women to persuade him to build temples and alters to worship these women's Gods. In allowing these false Gods and temples to be worshiped, Solomon broke his covenant or promise to God to worship only him.Unlike his father, David, who repented and asked God not to take his presence away from him, Solomon continued to be swayed and attracted to idols over God. God then acted on his promise to Davide and allowed Solomon's kingdom to be divided. Solomon's attraction to worldly influences(the women in his harem)ultimately cost him the judgment of God and his throne being taken from his family.

Balance Worldly Influences and Prosperity the Godly Way

Often, when we are tempted to sin,we(like Solomon)become attracted to worldly influences. If we don't discipline ourselves then we become accepting of worldly influences and allow them to slowly trickle into our lives until they have taken over and become the most important thing. Finally, we get so involved with the world that we make it more important to us than God. This angers God who is a jealous God and it keeps us from receiving God's promises, just as it did for Solomon and his descendants(Deuteronomy 5:8-9).

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