Are you Speaking Gods Word?

Hey, what is involved in speaking Gods word anyway? You say you'd like to know? Well, I'm about to tell you.

Are you currently in a situation that you can feel is dragging you down because you know in the natural there is no way in the world you can overcome it? Maybe you've been gossiped about in school and hurtful, damaging things were spread about you; things that can never be taken back. Maybe everyone has abandoned you because of this and you see no way to restore your status. Whatever you do don't say, "I'll never have a life again, my reputation is destroyed forever". Why? Because when you say those words you are ultimately the author of what will actually happen. God tells us to take captive every thought and make it obedient to the knowledge of Christ. We need to begin speaking Gods word to the situation.

You see, when we say negative things Satan works to build strongholds in our minds. The enemy, Satan, wants us to concentrate on our problems until we get to the point that we realize the whole thing is hopeless and no one-not even God can help us out of our mess. Let me tell you that is just not true. When we are faced with setbacks, it is really important to make a decision not to focus on your problem~ as hard as that may be. Instead focus on God and begin speaking Gods word. When we focus on God, we realize that with God all things are possible. This is called casting down imaginations and holding captive the negative thoughts and words in our mind.(II Corinthians 10:5) Negative thoughts will continue to enter your mind but you can choose not to let those in to take root and grow into a stronghold. Be at peace, calm and relaxed. Remember God will fight our battles for us, so worrying doesn't make it easier for God to work- actually it makes it harder. If you choose to stay in an attitude of faith and peace it makes it easier for God to work. It also makes it easier to start reciting and speaking God's word over our problems. Remember what the enemy, Satan, intends for harm God can make it work out for good.(Genesis 50:20)

Have you noticed a reoccurring theme in most of these lessons? Almost all things we desire from God or try to overcome require faith. Going through difficult situations is no different. It requires us to hold firm to our faith that God will take care of it. But keeping a positive mindset is not the only requirement; we also must start speaking Gods word out of our mouths. You may be thinking why can't I just pray to myself. You can, but if you are facing a big problem or circumstance it is really important that you begin verbally speaking Gods word. Remember how we said you must take every thought captive? Well, we not only have to take authority over wrong thoughts but we also must rely on Gods power to overcome and there is supernatural power in Gods spoken word. In every situation God is stronger that the enemy and we have to remember that as children of God, the lord God lives inside us (1 John 4:4).

So when we make a plea for Gods help and quote scripture from the bible we are overcoming all that is bad in our lives. You must stop saying what is wrong and replace that with speaking Gods word. Go back to the example earlier. You must guard what you say and not talk about how things actually are. Yes, many people aren't talking to you, and some may not even like you; but never, ever mumble that. God tells us we need to speak to our mountains. As we said earlier, God doesn't listen or help us when we murmur or complain. But if we start saying how blessed, popular, happy and fortunate we are it gets his attention. It really doesn't matter that none of those things are true now, nor does it matter that you don't feel blessed, happy, or popular. Because when we have faith and believe 'God's word always causes us to triumph' and 'Everything I touch prospers and succeeds'; then these things will all come to pass. Maybe right now you think nothing can change your situation but it doesn't matter because God can. Just keep on keeping on and speaking Gods powerfully annointed word over your situation. And most importantly believe that by speaking Gods word you are renewed in the spirit of your mind. (Ephesians 4:23) Start putting on your new nature which is created in God's image and start watching your situation change and become what you are speaking over it. Pretty soon you will be back in good standing with your classmates and friends and you may even receive an unexpected blessing.(Isaiah 61:7) Just think of it as an extra special bonus from God because he loves you so much.

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