Memorization of Scripture

Requiring memorization of scripture or bible verses is not an easy pill for kids to swallow. The purpose of this site is to make bible verses and stories come alive for children and teens so they can understand their real life applications. One very important part of putting into practice God's word is memorizing bible verses. Many children do not like to memorize because it seems boring or 'too much like school' so it's important for the parent to make it fun. Here are some quick points for learning scriptures:

1) Children and adults learn and retain up to 50% more when they see and also hear the verse. Using pictures is even more effective.

2) Don't expect small children to memorize a lot in a short period of time. Remember the acronym KISS? Keep it simple sweetie, and also spend enough time on a verse until a child feels comfortable with it. Repetition is key.

3) Another good way for small children to learn scripture is to incorporate a song into the verse. Young children love to sing. If you can make up a rhyming song it will be even more effective.

4) Never overdo it or force a child to practice when they are fighting it. You will make them resent God's precious word. Stop and try again when they are more receptive to learning. Remember the younger a child is- the shorter their attention span.

5) It is very important that the child not only memorize the verse but also understand it's meaning and how it applies to them and their life.

6) All children have different abilities. Make sure the focus is not so much on recalling scripture word for word as it is on understanding and following God's word.

The object is for your child to memorize a verse so they can apply it to their daily lives and reach into their hearts and minds and use it when needed. Because you are reading this page, shows that you are committed to helping children treasure God's word in their hearts so they may not sin against him.(Psalm 119:11) Thank you for making a child's salvation such a priority, you will receive your due reward!(Colossians 3:23-24)

Here are some recommended resources for bible verse memorization:

Hide Em' In Your Heart

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