The Influence of a Little Servant Girl

2 Kings 5

Do you think kids don't have much influence or power when it comes to important decisions in the adult world? This next story is about the incredible influence a little servant girl had over one of the most powerful men at the time. Most kids think that changing adults minds about big problems is impossible, but with God behind us- anything is possible! Imagine if you were living in biblical times and had the lowest position in society: a little servant girl. Remember during those times women were considered to be pretty low in society and servants and children were even lower. This next story involves a little servant girl who proves to be very influential and led a very powerful and important man to God to receive a healing. Sounds exciting huh? Well, we won't waste any more time- on with the story.

Once upon a time there was a general of the Syrian army who was powerful, wealthy and very well respected because he had won many battles. This general was Naamen and although he enjoyed a very high position in the kingdom, he also had an incurable skin disease that caused his body to be covered with terrible white sores. Meanwhile, a little servant girl from Israel who had been captured as a slave, was working for Naamen's wife. One day she overheard Naamen's wife talking to her other servants about her husband's awful skin disease and how she wished more than anything that he could be healed. The little servant girl spoke up "If only my master could visit the prophet in Samaria". She knew he could heal Naamen's skin disease and was so confident Elisha could do it that she decided that she should tell her mistress. Naamen then found out from his wife about this 'healing man' and got permission from the King to travel to Samaria with a camel train loaded with many gifts consisting of gold, silver, perfumed robes as well as other luxuries. Naamen thought he would have to really sweet talk this 'prophet' in order to coax him into healing him.

When the camel train arrived at Elisha's house, Naamen and his servants waited for Elisha to come out, accept the gifts and heal Naamen. But, only Elisha's servant came out with a message from Elisha telling Naamen to "wash himself in the River Jordan seven times and he would be healed". Naamen was angry that Elisha's servant came to speak to him instead of Elisha and even angrier with what he was told to do. He responded by yelling "Wash myself in that filthy stream!" and made his mind up to go home since he had wasted his time. Naamen's servants told Naamen that surely he could do something as simple as this since he had travelled so far. They asked Naamen if he would be more willing to do a difficult deed if Elisha had commanded it of him. Humbly, Naamen agreed with them because he was desperate to get rid of the skin condition. He undressed and waded into the river until the water covered his head. Naamen came up and dipped his body into the muddy water 6 times and when he came up the seventh he noticed that his body was pure and completely healed. As Naamen came out of the water, he knelt down and praised the God of Israel for his healing. He dressed himself and quickly came back to Elisha's home. He told Elisha that he now knew there was no other God in all the world. He tried to give Elisha the gifts he brought along, but Elisha refused saying he was a servant of the Lord and couldn't accept the gifts. Naamen tried and tried but Elisha declined his offer. And when Naamen returned home, guess who was the happiest person around? You guessed it, the little servant girl because she had led her master to Elisha and ultimately to the God of Israel. Because of her courage to speak up, her mistress's husband was healed and came into a relationship with God.


Would you say that the little servant girl had a lot of influence? Why

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