The Fruit of the Spirit Grows While You Grow Spiritually

The fruit of the spirit are difficult for youth to understand how to operate in or how to practice growing in these characteristics. If God grants us gifts, doesn't he also provide us with the fruit to use our gifts? God does bless each one of us with gifts which are placed within us when we are babies. We can't get rid of these or even trade them in for different gifts because each of us has gifts unique to us. However fruit are cultivated so we aren't born with them and we have to continuously practice using them in order to learn character.

Maturing in the Fruit of the Spirit

God allows us to mature the fruit of the spirit as we are growing throughout our lives. Just like a baby apple tree doesn't bear or grow fruit in it's first few years, human babies don't show their fruit either. Have you ever noticed how demanding babies and toddlers are? They want alot but aren't able to contribute much other than looking cute and lovable. They don't have to show their fruit though, because they know they'll get what they want when they want it. However God has planted a fruit seed deep inside of them. They have their entire life to grow that seedling into a strong plant. Some children receive alot of guidance and help in developing their seedling while others have to rely on learning the hard way- by themselves. We all have to constantly tend our seedling or plant to make sure it grows up strong into a mighty fruit tree. However as young adults you have probably realized that you can no longer demand your way through life.  You may still be cute but most people don't have the patience for that type of behavior.  Learning to display love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are not easy- even for adults!  But I guarantee you that the earlier you learn the character of these, the easier life will be and the more favor you will have with God and others. 

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen a gardener tending his/her plants? They water, fertilize, weed and sometimes spray the plants to keep bugs off. They do everything in their power to keep that plant living and growing. Well, we certainly aren't plants but we should take a lesson from the plants. We need to consistently be doing the same and watching our reactions to others.  We also need to ask ourselves why we get angry or blow up easily. Taking the time to realize that we can control our emotions is a way of growing the fruit inside us. Tending these emotions deep inside of us is like the little plant that requires constant care and attention to that which God has planted deep within each of us. We have to cultivate the fruit of the spirit within us which means that we constantly watch how we act towards others.  If you mess up and blow it, don't be so hard on yourself. Realizing the mistake is the first part of growth.  Next time, you will be more observant and take steps to practice the steps of love, self-control or patience.