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Planting Little Seeds of Faith, Issue #001 -- Prayer warriors for our children
July 15, 2007
Greetings prayer warriors ,

Did you know that many great and Godly people throughout history had one thing in common? Yes, it was that they had praying mothers(and fathers). But how do we become great prayer warriors for our children?

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The best way to begin becoming prayer warriors for our children is to just make a daily habit of doing it. Sounds too simple doesn't it? Start slow and give God a few minutes of your time throughout the day of focused prayer for your child(ren). Then you can begin to pray prayers of Thanksgiving for all the blessings you have prayed for that have yet to come to pass. Just be consistent and God will guide you from there where he wants you to focus your time and attention.

Just remember the acrostic ACTS. Begin your prayer time with praise and adoration (A). Then confession of your own sins (C). Next remember that we need to give thanks in everthing-the good and the bad(T). Finally we can begin telling God our prayer requests, worries, needs and concerns or supplication(S). If you remember this formula and get into the habit of daily prayer for your kids then they can't help but grow into mighty men and women of God!!

Blessings, Beth @

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