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Planting Little Seeds of Faith, Issue #005 --
August 06, 2008

As I was gearing up towards getting my two children ready for school, I came across a wonderful resource that I needed to share with you. If you, like myself, stumble around with explanations for how babies are created, what role the dad plays and how genetics play a part then I have a real treat for you!

I recently found a book that provides one of the best explanations of the process of conception through birth of a child. It is written by a biologist,former evolutionist turned born again Christian. It bases everything on the creationist perspective while giving thorough evidence for why the evolution perspective is not credible. The book even explains birth defects through a Godly perspective.

Best of all, it is written from a kid perspective with the author's own children asking him questions throughout the book. I just loved the animated pictures but not as much as my 6 year old! I would not recommend it to children younger than her age because it is very comprehensive and takes some thinking to understand the strings of chromosomes and genetics. However, it wouldn't hurt to read to an older child and allow younger children to observe-they understand more than we realize! I even learned something new since I was trained under the evolution perspective at school! My favorite part is how the author entwines God's perspective throughout the 84 pages of text by reminding the children how they started out as a plan in the mind of God and how God knew exactly what he was doing. The back has a wonderful glossary of scriptures relating to children. Anyway here is a link to it if you would like to check it out.

Planned By God-Life Before Birth

Have a blessed school year!!

Beth @

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