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Planting Little Seeds of Faith, Issue #001 -- Prayer warriors for our children
September 26, 2007

I just wanted to update you that in the midst of my first year of homeschooling and all other kid related/work related activities, I managed to add another page to the site. The page is and it provides the Hebrew names that God refers to himself in the bible~ great info for kids and adults alike!

This has reminded me that as parents it becomes incredibly difficult to balance the demands of our families, activities, education and jobs. God has been dealing with me lately on this subject and instead of trying to be a superwoman, I've humbled myself to him and gotten my priorities back in order 1.God 2.spouse Isn't it amazing how much clarity we have after we turn it over to God? Also we are able to get through what we need to and feel good about it. Until next time when you are feeling unbalanced, remember to place God first on the scale and everything else afterwards!

Blessings, Beth @

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