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Planting Little Seeds of Faith, Issue #004 --
February 17, 2008

First, I hope you had a blessed Valentine's Day with your loved ones and shared the love of God with others. Spring is right around the corner and Easter is quickly approaching... It is March 23 this year!!

A family tradition of mine is to team up with another local family and purchase cellophane bags, small inexpensive candy, Easter grass and create treat bags to be passed out at the local fire station Easter Egg hunt. My kids love helping put the bags together and we include an invitation to come celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by joining us at our church. We have many unchurched families in our community and spreading the love of God this way is one of the easiest ways to reach them.

In the past, I always printed off a little reminder that Easter is not just about bunnies, chocolate eggs and chicks by including a brief reminder of the true celebration of Easter. However this year I'm considering tucking a Memory Cross invitation into the treat bags. They are so much fun for kids and since they are a game, they don't get thrown away. If you've never seen the colorful Easter plan of salvation version of Memory Cross, here is a link to their site. A big incentive is their current free shipping promotion currently in effect.

Easter Plan of Salvation Tracts, Easter Coloring Pages, Salavation Tracts

If you are searching for material for your Easter Sunday school lesson please visit my Easter page. The bible story describing the disappearance of Jesus' body is noted below.

Hoping you remember to witness the true meaning of Easter,

Beth @

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